Medium Vacuum Units

It is an unfortunate fact that accidents do happen and if the accident should take the form of a significant product spillage, you are going to want it cleared as soon as is possible. This is where the range of medium sized vacuum units from Portable Vacuum Solutions comes into its own. Within days – or sooner – the problem can be sorted quickly and efficiently. The range of medium sized vacuum units can be supplied with skips or Big Bags for product collection and a range of different hose types to best suit the material being collected. These units are ideal for handling large spillages of powders, granules and sludge’s and can be specified with HEPA filtration and ATEX certification.

Medium range machines are not just for clearing emergency spillages. The medium sized ranges are used by many different industries for tasks such as site cleaning and routine clean downs. They can be strategically located in a permanent position with pipework to key positions within a factory. Most of these machines have separate collection facilities such as removable bins or Big-Bags which makes either recycling the spilt product or disposal an easy proposition. The range of medium sized machines can be easily moved around the site by fork-lift.

11kw to 55kw