Practically every vacuum unit from Portable Vacuum Solutions is available for hire as well as for sale. Our hire rates are always competitive and units can be hired on long, medium or short term contracts.

There are plenty of advantages in hiring a vacuum system rather than purchasing it; the most obvious being that unless the vacuum system is going to be in weekly use, purchasing is a costly option. In the event of an accidental spillage of powder, granules, sand, cement, aggregates or sludge, there is a very good chance that Portable Vacuum Solutions will have the ideal vacuum system in the hire fleet which can be delivered to your site quickly and efficiently – certainly far quicker than placing an order for a new machine. In an emergency, a short-term rental agreement is available that can be tailored to best suit your circumstances.

For medium to long-term usage, renting a vacuum system may still be a more economic option. If a medium sized vacuum system is going to be used on a regular basis to clean a large production area, we can advise on and install the necessary fixed pipe-work that will include strategically located terminals for connecting easily manageable flexible hoses. These flexible hoses can be fitted with a range of end tools thereby allowing your maintenance staff to vacuum large areas quickly.

Most of our medium sized vacuum systems will have a separate collection facility allowing users to either dispose of or recycle vacuumed material.

For more information on the rental options that are available please email sales@ibsblowers.com