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Air Cannon

The Air Cannon, manufactured by Technicgum Polymeres and marketed in the UK by Portable Vacuum Solutions is the economical answer to a range of problems regarding the clogging or bridging in silos, bins and hoppers or clinker build-up in kilns.

This easy to install piece of equipment has a range of advantages that are not featured in similar equipment and will go a long way to keeping your processing system in good health. For more information please see the featured news release.

Stop Clogging and Bridging Now!

Clogging or bridging in silos, bins and hoppers or clinker build-up in kilns have a number of things in common and none of them are good; lost production, time consuming, product waste and, in the case of clinker build-up in kilns a huge waste of energy while the kiln cools sufficiently for the clinker to be manually cleared prior to re-firing.

There are a number of products available to stop this. Industrial Blower Services has just been appointed the UK distributor of the Technicgum Polymeres Air Cannon which is particularly effective and has a number of innovations not available in competitive products.

Depending on the product contained, the Air Cannon can either be set on a timer so that bridging or clogging is stopped at an early stage or it can be activated manually once the problem has occurred. Also, the design of the Air Cannon means that it is reversible which gives it double the lifespan. No other comparable product has this facility.

The Air Cannon can be retrofitted and interfaces are available that will allow the Air Cannon to replace a product from another manufacturer. There are models available with receiver tanks from 25 litres to 150 litres and a range of nozzles and blow-pipes to suit most processes.  The Air Cannon is competitively priced and requires minimal maintenance.

Air Cannon 9Left hand image shows competitors worn-out machine.
Right hand image shows the retro fitted Air Cannon.