Portable Vacuum Solutions & R. Brunone to launch new Sparcricat Hillhead Digital

A game changing Belt Conveyor maintenance and roller replacement system

Replacing the rollers on a belt conveyor generally takes two experienced maintenance staff and a range of different tools – wrecking bars, fork-lifts etc. to complete. And because every minute that the conveyor is not running is lost production, there is pressure to complete the job quickly which means an enhanced risk of staff injury. This is not a pleasant task.

R.BRUNONE has developed a new and patented solution to the problem of roller replacement on a belt conveyor: SPARCRIC G allows the roller replacement operation to be carried out by just one operator quickly and in complete safety.

Sparcric G basically consists of a heavy-duty inflatable bag which is attached to a chassis. The operator simply slides the chassis between two rollers and inflates Sparcric either with a manual or electric pump to the bag. As the bag inflates the belt is lifted clear of the rollers leaving the operator free to remove the worn roller and install a replacement. It really is that simple.

James Ilott is the Sales Manager at Portable Vacuum Solutions, the R. BRUNONE dealer in UK & Irleland: “Tests show that using Sparcric G shaves 50% off the time that it takes to replace a roller using traditional methods. It is also considerably safer in that the operator is able to stand away from the belt as the bag inflates and can use both hands to remove the worn roller.”

Portable Vacuum Solutions will be displaying Sparcric G on their stand at Hillhead Digital on 30th to 31st March 2021. For more information, please contact sales@ibsblowers.com