Portable Vacuum Solutions: A big-bag filling system that can be used anywhere

Portable Vacuum Solutions, the UK distributor for Brunone, has just started to market the Amplibag, an innovative big-bag filling system which is completely mechanical – no electrical or diesel power source necessary – which means that it can be used in any location which requires an accurate and reliable filling system.

Unlike other filling systems which rely on an electronic weigh system for accurate filling, or simply guesswork on behalf of the operator, the Amplibag uses a system of counterbalances. Setting the weights is a simple operation and once set it is practically impossible to change the setting unless deliberately.

This is the ideal filling system for handling light-weight aggregates such as sand, gravel and other building materials. The filling head is fed by a 6³ metre hopper and filling rates of forty 1 tonne big-bags per hour is easily achievable. To view a video and for more information please visit the Portable Vacuum Solutions website: sales@ibsblowers.com

Amplibag Bulk Unloading

Amplibag Bulk Bag Placement 


Unloading into Big Bag


Unloading Bulk into Hopper