Making light work of a tight project with 16.5 kw UniVac P312

Portable Vacuum Solutions has recently completed a project in Leeds that saw a 16.5 kw UniVac system being used to remove shotblast medium and corrosion from inside a large underground water tank.

Renovating water tanks is not the easiest of tasks and in this case, with the tank three metres underground, access could only be by ladder. An additional problem was the site itself; a busy street with a lot of foot-traffic where there simply wasn’t the space to accommodate large machinery. The contractor had two options; manually remove the shotblast medium and corrosion by a rope attached to a bucket or by vacuum. The contractor chose the vacuum route which has saved considerable time which more than covered the cost of the hire.

The UniVac has an internal hopper fitted with a balance valve. As the hopper is filled the balance valve releases the material into an RBC which can then be emptied into a skip.

Univac-P312.jpgUniVac P312UniVac P312