PVS – The right machine for the job


Portable Vacuum Solutions has recently rented an IBS FVP25HS vacuum machine to a company involved in the biomass industries. And, in addition to the rental, the company has opted to purchase a Depureco M65 vacuum system for every-day maintenance.

As the spillage of woodchips was fairly significant, the company chose to hire the hopper mounted version of the IBS FVP25HS. This particular configuration is designed for 1 tonne big bags. Once the bag is full there is easy access for removal by fork-lift.

The Depureco M65 will be used for keeping the generating hall and other parts of the plant clear of wood dust, ash and hydrated lime. This is an exceptionally rugged, highly manoeuvrable, low-noise vacuum system which features a HEPA filter and a jet filter cleaning facility. Portable Vacuum Solutions also supplied a high-level cleaning kit was also supplied for difficult-to-reach areas of the factory.

Portable Vacuum Solutions has a hire fleet in excess of sixty machines and is also the UK’s distributor for the range of Depureco vacuum machines. With many years of experience in dealing with every type of project from accidental spillages to routine maintenance, staff at PVS are able to advise on the most suitable vacuum machine for the project. For more information please contact James Ilott at james@ibsblowers.com