A sandy problem solved

Trailer mounted vacuum system

Near St. Catherine’s Tunnel, between Guildford and Shalford, engineers recently removed around 800 tonnes of sand and strengthened an embankment and rockface to prevent landslips. A 20mph speed restriction which was imposed late last year following two landslips, was removed and now, trains can travel at normal speeds through the area.

Unfortunately though, this area contains a large natural sand deposit and the problem is caused by wind blowing the sand on to the track. For obvious safety reasons, this sand then has to be removed by manually shovelling into one tonne bags for removal by a contractor for reprocessing.

James Ilott at the Portable Vacuum Solutions division of IBS visited the site and offered a vacuum based idea that utilises a powerful 55kv vacuum unit along with xx metres of 75mm diameter hose.

For easy manoeuvrability, the vacuum unit is mounted on an all-terrain trailer. The trailer, which can be hauled by any site vehicle, is easily positioned at the top of the embankment and the extra-long hose allows the sand to be quickly vacuumed away from the track – a far easier proposition than the time-consuming shovelling. Once vacuumed from the rail track, the sand is collected in one tonne capacity bags which are fixed to the underside of the vacuum unit.

With the trailer in place, valuable savings in manpower have been achieved. For more information please contact James Ilott at james@ibsblowers.com