Portable Vacuum Solutions – An engineered result for a satisfied customer.

Trailer mounted vacuum unitFor getting from site to site on good quality urban roads, large, self-propelled truck mounted vacuum units are great for the job that they were designed for. But they are expensive to hire or buy and you probably wouldn’t want to see that level of investment being driven around a quarry.

This was the dilemma facing Senior Manager, James Ilott from the Portable Vacuum Division of IBS. A customer who needed all the features of a powerful vacuum unit but with all-terrain capability.

Portable Vacuum Solutions had been asked to provide a vacuum system that could be used to handle stone dust and spent stone from the conveyors feeding and discharging three large stone crushers at a west country quarry. The requirements were fairly strict. This had to be a vacuum unit that the site maintenance team could use at night, it needed to be sufficiently powerful to handle dust and stone chippings over a significant distance, it needed to be easily towed into position by tractor and, just as importantly, it needed to be capable of being easily reversed as some locations had access issues.

By a happy coincidence, Portable Vacuum Solutions had just taken delivery of a powerful, trailer mounted vacuum unit from Italy. This 75kw diesel unit featured a 6³ metre tipper-based collection tank and ticked the all-important environmental boxes with its filtration system. The only problem was that this unit had been designed to be towed to site by a truck fitted with a 5th wheel; not a farm-type tractor fitted with conventional towing ball. In the space of ten days, the trailers running gear was re-engineered and the towing method was changed.

In addition to the vacuum unit, the customer opted for a kit that included two, 40 metre hoses and all necessary tools and a fluidiser along with four, 2-day on-site training sessions for maintenance staff. James Ilott: “This was a project that caused quite a few sleepless nights. However, the customer has precisely the vacuum unit needed for the site and we have all the necessary experience in the event of a similar opportunity.”

For more information please contact James Ilott at james@portablevacuumsolutions.co.uk