Faster and safer – The easy way to replace belt conveyor rollers.

BrunoneIn the past, replacing worn or damaged rollers on a belt conveyor might have involved a two-person team. One to lever the belt off the rollers while the other replaces the damaged roller- not the safest of tasks. Also, of course, there is the matter of lost production while the repair takes place. Now there is a much easier and safer way thanks to Brunone, a French company with a twenty-five-year history of finding innovative ways of making factory maintenance easier and safer.

Sparcric G from Brunone, makes the process of removing and replacing conveyor rollers easy and safe. It saves time and can be used by one operator.

Sparcric G basically consists of an airbag which is mounted on a frame the same width as the belt conveyor. Simply locate the frame under the top belt and inflate the bag using either a manual hand operated pump which is supplied or an optional electric pump. The belt is gently lifted off the roller bed thereby providing easy access to a section of rollers. Once the damaged roller has been replaced, just deflate the bag, and remove it from the roller bed. It really is that easy. The entire job can take one person a matter of minutes.

The Portable Vacuum Solutions division of Industrial Blower Services is the UK & Ireland distributor for Brunone.

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