Portable Vacuum Solutions awarded the UK & Ireland distributorship for Brunone Innovation.



Maintaining and servicing the rollers, slides and other component parts of a relatively short, factory installed belt conveyor is one thing. Maintaining and servicing a belt conveyor which takes a product a distance of a few kilometres and which is open to a range of different weather conditions can present a Service Engineer with whole load of different issues.

The Portable Vacuum Solutions division of Industrial Blower Services has recently been awarded the UK & Ireland distributorship for Brunone Innovation.

Based in St Marcel in France, Brunone Innovation was launched nearly thirty-five years ago. Since then the company has developed a global reputation for products that are designed to make the use of high capacity belt conveyors in quarries safer, more environmentally effective and easier to maintain.

In terms of servicing and maintenance, many of the products manufactured by Brunone have been developed as a result of conversations with clients. A good example being the SPARCRIC G which uses an airbag to effectively lift a belt away from the rollers allowing maintenance engineers to access three sets of rollers at a time. The bag can be inflated with an easy-to-use hand operated pump. Simple but extremely effective.

Brunone is also involved in dust treatment and control, bulk materials handling and bulk loading/offloading systems for the rail industries. James Ilott is the senior manager at Portable Vacuum Solutions:” Brunone is a perfect fit for what we do because much of our time is spent with quarry owners advising and providing equipment to handle dust and spilt product – often from conveyors.”

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