From a vacuum unit that will effectively clear a major spillage of powder, granules or sludge which, for all the necessary environmental and Health & Safety reasons needs to be cleared to a fixed vacuum system for everyday factory maintenance, Portable Vacuum Solutions specialises in providing customers with precisely the vacuum machine that best suits their needs. The huge range of small, medium and large vacuum units can be delivered either for hire or for sale together with a comprehensive maintenance package which can be designed to suit the requirements of individual customers. Also, ATEX compliant vacuum units are available to suit specific tasks. Portable Vacuum Solutions are members of AVETTA.

Our range of small machines are ideal for floor cleaning and other specialised, localised cleaning tasks such as for removing swarf from machine tools, wood dust, flour and any other lightweight product.

These are also ideal machines for the removal of quarry dust from truck cabs and large scale commercial cleaning. Castor-mounted, these small machines are extremely manoeuvrable....Read More...

The medium sized ranges are used by many different industries for tasks such as site cleaning, routine clean downs and emergency spillage clearing.

Most of these machines have separate collection facilities such as removable bins or Big-Bags which makes either recycling the spilt product or disposal an easy proposition. These medium sized machines can be moved around the site by fork-lift...Read More...

Finally, our range of large vacuum systems are designed for deep, high level cleans. We have two types; skid mounted and wheeled. These machines are extensively used by utility companies and are ideal for drain and sewer maintenance and clearing.

Portable Vacuum Solutions can also supply different pipework depending on the application. If, for example, a fairly large but complex area is regularly cleaned, we will suggest a fixed pipework network. In the event of an accidental spillage a flexible vacuum pipe is more effective...Read More...

Industries as listed below-

Asphalt, Cement Construction, Food
Glass production, Glass recycling, MDF production, Media transfer
Plastic, Precious metals, Quarry Site cleaning
Steel industry, Waste recycling, Wood

Our service is based on ensuring that our customers receive the best vacuum solution for their particular need; in other words, we work for our customers - not the other way around.